DriveChain Android Framework Toolset

An Easier way to use Android Libraries

DriveChain is an Android Framework focused on making libraries more functional, easier to use, and with less boilerplate.


The core idea of DriveChain is to reduce library installations to as few lines of code as possible.

To do this, DriveChain leans on the new functionality provided by Dagger and Android’s Architecture Components to automatically create components that know more about when you application starts up, eliminating the need for adding code into your Application and Activity classes to start using a Library.

How Does it Work?

DriveChain leverages Dagger2’s Multibinds to create dynamic collections of dependencies and connect them to the Application’s events. This works like an event bus, allowing Libraries to automatically listen to events in your application without the need to explicitly call anything.

Ready to Start?

Follow our Setup Guide to start using DriveChain.