DriveChain Android Framework Toolset

Getting Started



Dagger is a core component of DriveChain. If you are not familiar with using it follow The Dagger2 User’s Guide.

Support Library

DriveChain is designed to be used with applications that use the Android Support Libary. It is expected that Activities and Fragments extend the AppCompat versions of standard Android classes.


Kotlin is not an explicit requirement, but it is highly recommended. DriveChain is written entirely in Kotlin for Kotlin. There’s no reason it can’t be used with Java applications, however it is not explicitly supported by the framework.

Installation / Setup

Existing Applications / Manual Setup

If you already have an application and want to add DriveChain to it, or if you would like more granular control over your application, follow the Manual App Setup Guide.

New Applications

New applications that wish for the easiest setup should follow our Quick App Setup Guide


You can see an example and/or base template in our Sample Application